This Privacy Statement of company MT Management d.o.o. (ltd.) of 20235 Lozica (Dubrovnik), Lozica 51, Personal (Company) ID no. 08788791782 (hereinafter: Controller), has been prepared pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, applicable since 25 May 2018.

Company MT Management d.o.o. (ltd.) of 20235 Lozica (Dubrovnik), Lozica 51, Personal (Company) ID no. 08788791782, undertakes to handle your data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the Act on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Official Gazette no. 42/2018) or other national laws based on the above Regulation and to apply appropriate technical and safety measures aimed at prevention of unauthorized access to personal data, their misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.


  1. General Information

This Statements describes collected data and the manner of their processing and use as well as your rights related thereto.

Company liable for data processing: MT Management d.o.o. (ltd.) of 20235 Lozica (Dubrovnik), Lozica 51, Personal (Company) ID no. 08788791782


Phone: 00 385 642 300

If outsourcers are used for processing your data, it means that the data processing is performed based on an order and in such a case, we are also liable for the protection of your data.


  1. Types of Processed Data

Company MT Management d.o.o. (ltd.) of 20235 Lozica (Dubrovnik), Lozica 51, Personal (Company) ID no. 08788791782, processes your data entrusted to us by visiting our official webpage, booking accommodation there, using our contact form, requesting information on our offers and other information relating to our business or entering into a business relation with us.

The data collected through the contact form on our official webpage and based on your request for information on our services, products or business and request for entering into a business or contractual relationship with us refer to your name and surname, and your e-mail address.

The data collected for the purpose of contacting agents/owners and employees of business associates and/or clients of legal entities due to the efficiency of agreement execution include their name and surname, position of the employee, his/her workplace, his/her working hours, his/her fixed line number and/or that of the agent/owner, their cell phone number and e-mail address.

The data collected for the purpose of contacting clients of natural persons due to marketing and to the efficiency of agreement execution encompass their fixed line number, cell phone number and e-mail address.

When getting into the range of Controller’s video surveillance, personal data on a video recording may be collected too. Video recordings are kept based on Controller’s legitimate interests for the sake of protection of people and property.

Within the framework of a business relation, you are obliged to provide data necessary for its establishment and realization, and meeting the relating contractual liabilities or data which shall be collected based on the law. Without such data, we are forced to decline agreement conclusion and order enforcement or to suspend the enforcement and terminate the existing agreement. You are not obliged to give your consent to the processing of your data which are not relevant or legally prescribed for agreement execution.


  1. Legal Ground and Purpose of Data Processing

The Controller processes all types of your data for the following purposes:

  1. Meeting legal liabilities – your personal data are processed in accordance with applicable regulations and for the sake of meeting noticing and reporting liabilities;
  2. Agreement execution – your personal data are processed for the purpose of agreement execution and meeting contractual liabilities (e.g. Civil Obligations Act);
  3. Making contact due to execution of business contracts based on your given consent and Controller’s legitimate interests;
  4. Sending promotional offers and other information based on your given consent;
  5. Protection of people and property – video surveillance based on Controller’s legitimate interests.

All of your personal data are processed based on a law, agreement, consent or legitimate interest.


  1. Retention Period

Your data are in principle deleted upon termination of a contractual relationship and at the latest, upon expiration of all legal liabilities related to data storage and until revocation of your consent or the moment when we request its renewal and you do not want to give it any more.


  1. Managing Consent to Data Processing

 Amendment of consent (partial or total revocation) may be carried out by sending us an e-mail to:
or regular mail to: Lozica 51, 20235 Lozica (Dubrovnik).

If you revoke given consent, your data shall not be used for the above purposes, but that may result in an inability to utilize some additional benefits related therewith.

Revocation of consent shall not affect the legality of processing based on prior consent prior.

If you want to give your consent again, you can use the same procedure as for revocation of consent

  1. Data Subjects’ Rights
  2. Right to access information on data processing
  3. Right to rectification: If we process your incomplete or inaccurate personal data, you may request their rectification or supplementation.
  4. Right to deletion: You may request deletion of your personal data
  5. Right to restriction of processing – You may request restriction of your data processing:
  • if you contest data accuracy during the period in which we can check it,
  • if data processing was illegal, but you reject deletion and require restriction of data use instead, and
  • if your data are no longer required for intended purposes, but you still need them for meeting legal requirements or there is an objection to their processing.
  1. Right to make objections to data processing
  2. Right to the possibility of data transfer – you may require from us to provide you with structured data in an ordinary machine-readable format:
  • if those date are processed based on given consent which can be revoked and
  • if processing is performed by automated means.
  1. Right to submit an objection to a supervisory body: If you deem that during the processing of your data, we violated national or European data protection regulations, please refer to us in order to clear up possible issues. In any case, you are entitled to lodge a complaint to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

 Identity verification: In case of a doubt, we may request additional data for the purpose of your identity verification, which serves to protect your rights.

Abuse of rights: If you exercise one of the above rights too often and with a clear intention to abuse it, we may charge you an administrative fee or reject to process your request.


  1. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

We undertake to keep your personal data and not to disclose them or to make them available to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • if you explicitly agree in writing to disclose particular confidential data for particular purposes or to a particular person,
  • if data are needed by the Ministry of Interior or State Attorney’s Office for the purpose of performance of tasks within the scope of their competences,
  • if data are required by a court, lawyer or notary public for a case they are dealing with and presentation of those data are requested in writing,
  • if data are required by the tax administration, Croatian Health Insurance Fund and Croatian Pension Insurance Institute based on a Controller’s legal liability towards them,
  • if data are required by the Ministry of Finance or a tax body in proceedings conducted within the scope of their competences and
  • if data need to be delivered to third parties within the framework of a contractual relationship.


  1. Use of Digital Services (Webpage, Applications)

We collect only those data which are voluntarily provided by visitors of our webpage when sending a request for contact and information on products and/or services, request for entering into a business relation, competing for a job, requesting callback services and other electronic forms. These data are used in a confidential manner and only for particular purposes accompanying every form. Transfer of these data to third parties refer to accounting companies who need them to meet legal liabilities and process them in the accounting fashion. This concerns only those data which are necessary and required based on a legal liability or order of an authority, and when they can be forwarded to the competent body. Access to the webpage is protocolled and on such an occasion, technical data, such as page views, applied operating system, display resolution, time of access and size of transferred data, are recorded.

For the sake of improving our offer, the webpages contain cookies which are stored in a visitor’s computer. Storage of cookies may be prevented, but in such as case, our webpage offer can be limited. Cookies facilitate storage of visitor’s preferences, optimization of technical processes and continuous offer improvement.


  1. Technical and Organizational Measures

We have undertaken all the technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, modification and third party’s access. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we undertake to reply to you within the shortest possible time and thus help you exercise your rights.

Any amendments in regard to our data protection policy will be incorporated into this Privacy Statement and posted on our official webpage, and you will be timely and appropriately informed thereabout.